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Heres a timeline of some of the major star wars films and tv shows, presented in the order events occurred in. Therefore, story conflicts and contradictions are inevitable and so stories from this era on this timeline are placed in approximate order and should be considered as. A complete list of all fulllength star wars novels in chronological order. A crash of fate must therefore also be set in 34 aby. Updated regularly, with new releases and upcoming titles highlightesd. A star wars expanded universe timeline and guide to hardback books and novels from the old republic era, rise of the empire era, rebellion era, new republic era. The complete star wars novelization canon timeline aipt. The new legends clone wars timeline was never established by lucasfilm.

Star wars novel timeline from old republic era to legacy. This star wars legends article contains information that is affected by the star wars. Star wars legends timeline star wars books, novels. Aftermath is a canon original novel, set in the sequel era, written by chuck wendig. By 2014 there were over 700 published novels, comics and short stories. Galaxys edge, which is also placed in 34 aby by a timeline shown at d23 2019. An up to date list of the star wars novels in chronological order. Star wars books the downloadable pdf timeline of the. Path of destruction, a novel of the old republic part one. The main timeline checklist is for anyone interested in compiling a complete list of all star wars stories available. The rise of skywalker novel, poe dameron, general leia organa, rey, and finn must struggle to rebuild the resistance after their defeat at the hands of the first order in star wars. Star wars books march 6, 2012 the downloadable pdf timeline of the bantam and del rey novels has been updated on suvudu. The exact chronology of the events described in this article is currently unknown. The novels bring back thrawn in a fashion, and help tie off some loose ends, but also leaves the door open for the next chapter of the star wars universe.

This is a timeline for novels, young adult books, and ebooks in the expanded. Any questions on where i obtained a book, comic, online story, or anything else feel free to ask. Simple star wars book list timeline of star wars novels. A few novels show what it was like before any sort of formal. The hugely complicated star wars timeline from all the canon movies, tv shows, comics, and novels explained. The star wars timeline almanac legends timeline and. The star wars timeline can be as tricky to navigate as the kessel run. Star wars books timeline of books, novels, comics and short stories. It was published on september 04, 2015, by del rey as part of the aftermath trilogy, journey to. Timeline lists star wars novels only, not comic books or young adult novels. A crash of fate takes place months after the hosnian cataclysm, which is dated to 34 aby by star wars. Five years ago star wars was purchased by disney and became incorporated within their juggernaut of a system. Shortly after that the old universe of novels and comics known as the expanded universe, or eu was wiped away for a new canon, where this time everything will be equal and all the stories will matter.

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